clinical services

Offer comprehensive emergency care options for everything from accidents, injuries, and trauma, to serious illnesses and chronic medical conditions.

imaging & laboratory

Covington Trace prides itself on our state-of-the-art imaging services. We offer X-ray, CT scan, MRI and bedside ultrasound and are dedicated to providing patients with an easy, thorough and expedient experience no matter the time of day.

pediatric care

Our physicians are all board certified in emergency care for all ages, with experience treating emergency pediatric patients.

Covington Trace ER & Hospital features expert ER care, shorter wait times, and an unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of our patients.

A few things we’re great at


We are open every day, even holidays! Just walk in, no appointment required. Low wait times at all times.


Our typical turnaround time for lab results and imaging scans is 15 minutes.


Providing individualized care because we want you to leave knowing that you had the best experience.


Our local ER Physicians are experienced to treat all ages, from infants to adults.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our patients have to say:

I have been to this ER a few times and the staff is amazing. The doctors and nurses really seem to care about their patients.

John Doe

Absolutely wonderful service across the board. Virtually no wait time. Quick, attentive and very caring staff

John Doe

Fast care for emergencies. Nice and professional staff. Great ER, will recommend to friends and family. 

John Doe

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